Breathing Earth

Ahoooj! 🙂

Thank you LeLorinel for your nice and thoughtful comment. That’s great that you appreciate thoughts, but I am not sure everyone does. But then again, I guess I wouldn’t want to be friends with those people. 😛

Bought an Anti-Fatigue Eye Stick from Vichy a few days ago, I really hope it works. 😛 It’s not often that I buy some product from the pharmacy, apart from medicine. Here it is:

I found SUCH an adorable picture the other day, I have to share it with you !!! 😀

Kawaiiiiii :D

Isn’t it simply adorable?!



I read an inspiring quote in a magazine today…

“Life is a River”.

Meaning that the current keeps flowing, hence the good or bad events happening in life will not stay forever that way. Life is always moving. 🙂 That’s a good quote to keep in mind when you feel that things aren’t going your way, or you are finding it difficult to cope with things.

Found a very interesting site!!

It shows in real time the rate of births and death in every country, just roll over the country you want to find out about. The best country I found so far was Greenland!!! A death every 18 hours! O_O U.S.A. was bad, with a death every 12 seconds, and so was Russia and some other countries I don’t remember now. I probably haven’t seen the worst yet. Uffff my goodness. China and India are very bad. A person dying every 3 seconds in China?! 😦 Yikes.

Take care and be well! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Breathing Earth

  1. Estelle says:

    Yeap! Quite nice :D! I also have another two for you, a bit longer and a bit more poetic.

    “The darkest hour of the night is just before the dawn.”
    J.R.R Tolkien

    “Its always darkest just before the dawn.”

      • Yeah, though we gotta love Tolkein huh?

        Love the life is a river quote. So many life poems will include it. Might I recomend “Time” by I cant Remeber Who?

        haha but true, its like the saying about how things always have to get worse before they can get better…

        • Ho, you have a point there! I hadn’t thought of that…

          Well, maybe it’s like what they say, that we cannot appreciate happiness if we haven’t experienced sadness. So maybe that’s how it’s meant?

          > Might I recomend “Time” by I cant Remeber Who?

          Is it a poem?

          Oh! Is it Tolkien’s quote? I didn’t know, as I didn’t get very far into the books…. I am not the type that likes so much description… *hides*

          • I think it is all about appreciation. Like they say in “big yellow taxi cab” (?is that right?) “Don’t know what you got, till its gone…” it works for the positive and negative.

            its a poem. I can’t remeber who its by, but ill try to find out…(searches google)… I can’t find it on the internet, its too vague what I remeber of it, But I will get my english binder and see. We studied it this year…

            haha I found this very interesting:

            >I am not the type that likes so much description… *hides*

            if you don’t like detail/description I applaud you for enduring to read my stuff 😛 one of my brothers is extremely taciturn and HATES when I start talking becasue he says “No one but you, and Shakespear gives a damm about all those details!!”


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