Kidnap Sandy Claws!

Hello hello,

I gave the exam today, and I must say I feel very relieved because I think I passed it. =)

I watched “The Nightmare Before Christmas” with K. and G. =) And right after that, we saw “The Pick of Destiny”!! 😀

Here is a clip from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” for your viewing and auditory pleasure. Warning: The following song is very probably to get stuck in your head for the following days.

And here is a song from Tenacious D that I really like 😀

Ah, it’s good to feel relaxed and spend time with friends, isn’t it? And not have a care in the world… Not what time is it, not how much money we should spend, not what needs to be done, nothing =)

Well, but sometimes it’s good to worry a bit about things. Like the fact that it’s 2:16 and I really need to sleep xD

Adios! 😛


3 thoughts on “Kidnap Sandy Claws!

  1. Haha, thanks for the two very different, very funny, very amusing songs. Why do I always forget tenacious D? I love them! Gah must update ipod! lol thanks for the reminder!

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