Change Blindness

Sniff, I feel so tired today. X_X Probably because I slept late eh? πŸ˜› xD

I have been downloading Lost lately πŸ˜€ So far I only watched 6 episodes, but I like it a lot! πŸ˜€ Well, ok I had seen some random episodes in the past when it aired on TV, but oh well. I wish I could watch all day! πŸ™‚ But I have other priorities at the moment.

I found this on Youtube on Change Blindness. It’s interesting! But nothing we hadn’t surmissed.

Very interesting… I would have noticed the change for sure! πŸ™‚ It’s curious how many of them didn’t even notice the color change… But it’s true that many people don’t notice such details… So we can’t always expect them to. But it is very nice when a girl’s boyfriend notices the nice way she dresses for him, for example. Those efforts should be acknowledged. I think it’s a learned behavior, not an innate one. So we can all learn to notice things more, changes in nature and our surroundings. It could save us also from danger.

Before I go, something funny that 2nd grade children wrote about their mothers… πŸ˜€

What Kids Think about Moms


6 thoughts on “Change Blindness

  1. tijo says:

    I read about a cool study as well in which they looked at car accidents which involved a parked police car on the road. They found out that people who were already driving on that part for 20 years or more, house-work, work-house, just didnt see the police car and crashed into it. They just didnt see it.

    So yes, its more dangerous, but if we would have to be aware of everything the whole day, i think we would sleep 15 hours :p.

  2. tijo says:

    Its just a matter of paying attention to something. People pay attention to the form, not the person, because the person is not the object of interest. I guess most would perceive the person behind the desk as a man, but nothing else, coz the rest of the information is tuned down and replaced by the form. Perhaps the people who did notice are the ones that maybe saw certain aspects of the face f.e. that may activated memories or wonder, therefore they payed attention to it :):):)

    ITS COOL!!!!!

    to leave with a quote:

    “We perceive things as we are, not as they are”

    • True true! πŸ™‚ Very interesting indeed. Although this way of perceiving makes it easier on the mind, there is less trouble to try and remember details, on the other hand it’s more dangerous when one is not aware of their surroundings. For example one may notice that the expression of a person is off, and therefore they can instinctively decide if that person is trustworthy or not. That is a very good quote and true one, and I should repeat it to myself often. πŸ˜› Thank you for your comment! πŸ˜€

  3. The Blade of Light says:

    Hmm … this was very interesting and the whole concept iirc is classified as “gestalt phenomenon”.

    Some very interesting starting points on the matter can be found here :

    Especially that part :
    “Reification is the constructive or generative aspect of perception, by which the experienced percept contains more explicit spatial information than the sensory stimulus on which it is based.

    For instance, a triangle will be perceived in picture A, although no triangle has actually been drawn. In pictures B and D the eye will recognize disparate shapes as “belonging” to a single shape, in C a complete three-dimensional shape is seen, where in actuality no such thing is drawn.”

    Is, imho, amazing.


    About the children link : “Apo mikro kai apo trelo mathaineis tin alitheia.” πŸ˜›

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