The holidays are almost here…!


Tomorrow after noon my holidays will start! =D Woo!! The thing is, I have an exam in the morning and I have hardly prepared. Ach jaj… 😦 Somewhere at the back of my mind I am starting to panic, but I don’t know when it will surface. 😛

For Christmas I will make “melomakarona”! 😀 A traditional Greek sweet made during Christmas time. (Honey Cakes)

Once we tried to make them with my dad, but we totally didn’t see one ingredient, and you can imagine how they turned out! 😀

“But this mixture doesn’t look ready..”

“Let’s put more oil then…”

“Now it’s too watery…”

“Let’s add more flour then…”

Repeat this conversation now for at least 3 times, and this is the secret to ruin any recipe. xD We made them into little balls, but when we’d put them on the pan they would slide all around from all the oil!! 😀 And when they were baked, they became one united biscuit that was too heavy to eat from all the oil … Bleh. 😛 🙂

So I really hope they turn out this time! M. and I are invited to a pot-luck dinner for Christmas, and I would like to take these there for them to try, so they better be good!

Plus, I would like to try and make “kourabiedes“!!!!  😀 Yummyyy! *voice in head: fatteniiing!*

On Tuesday I have to make all these, because I won’t have time otherwise. Ufff ..! I hope I can relax a bit during “vacations”!

Will you make anything for the holidays? =)


3 thoughts on “The holidays are almost here…!

  1. mmmm! I love Kourambiedes, melomakarona and another traditional greek cookie that I can’t remeber the name of. Thanks for the tasty memories!

    We make a lot of baked goods for the holidays. At least two greek, two italian and a dozen others! Cheese cake is now a specialty of my mom’s, so its always a tough descision on what to have New Years and Christmas, because there are the traditional italian cakes like the Pandoro for the holidays as well…

    I love how winter baking recipes have all sorts of things in them, like dried/preserved fruits, jams and nuts, because of how, traditionally, fresh fruit wouldn’t have been available. Unfortunately I can’t eat any of the beautiful ones with the jams and preserved fruit because I seem to be alergic to one of the preservatives, but we cant figure out which… 😦

  2. The blade of Light says:

    We baked Kourambiedes and they were fantastic … I do not eat them and I actually liked them !

    The secret ?

    Olive oil instead of butter, and a little bit less flour that what the recipe specified … 😉

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