Web Comics!

Hello … 🙂

Do you enjoy reading comics? If yes, tell me what you read… I am interested. 🙂

How about web comics? Which ones are your favorites?

I enjoy reading Questionable Content 😀 ! When I was sick some months ago, I sat inside the house for days and read around 1500 pages during that time. 😛

It’s a light and enjoyable read in my opinion… And the story flows naturally. 🙂

Xkcd is a cute comic about life, love and physics. 😛

There is also Perry Bible Fellowship that I found and read yesterday, but it’s not great. The humor is weird (sometimes funny, but all-in-all I’d say it’s the weird kind of humor. The kind my dreams can relate to.) It aims to a more narrow audience, not everyone likes this kind of humor. 😛 Also for me, some strips were enjoyable, others not funny at all. 😛

Cyanide and Happiness

There you have it! 🙂 A few web-comics to have a look at if you have internet access and you are bored. 😛 If you have any good ones, share them as well! 😉
Btw, I mustn’t forget Piled Higher and Deeper (or PhD) ! 😛
Enjoy xD


8 thoughts on “Web Comics!

  1. I’m a big follower of DC Comics. Mostly got into it during the huge crossover event BLACKEST NIGHT. Other than that I love anything by Alan Moore– Watchmen, Tom Strong, Swamp Thing, etc…

    Haven’t checked out too many Web Comics, which is wierd considering I’m writing one of my own. :p.

    I’ll check out the ones you suggested though, thanks.

      • Really? I’m assuming you’re not in North America? Maybe? Horrible incorrect? It was pretty crazy here. lol.

        Honestly… there really isn’t an explanation that can sum up what QWIXOTIC is about, that’ll take less than 3 hours anyways…
        The closest possible line we’ve come up with for the sake of the BLOG is: it’s a Political Science Faction Thriller set in a distant distant future, extrapolated from current world events; a look into our worst possible future… from the eyes of a girl who wants nothing to do with any of it.

        You can get more details at the actual BLOG itself if you’re interested?


        • Yep, I’m in Europe. 😛 Well, of course such events happen also here, but I’m not so lucky. 😛

          Yes, I looked at your blog, but I saw all text and thought that you hadn’t uploaded the comic yet! 🙂

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