The coldest inhabited places on Earth … !

H – Hello … *chattering teeth*

You think that you are cold? Try saying that to people living in Siberia or Alaska, for example… 😛

The coldest inhabited places on Earth 

To give you an idea… Vostok, Antarctica: -89.2°C !!!! O_O And I thought *I* was cold with -17°C … ! 😛 How can people live this way? :/ When it is normal to have -45°C … How many layers of clothes must they wear? O_O

Oymyakon – Siberia

Ok, I must admit something. I broke down and watched the Avatar trailer, because I was curious why the whole gush about it. 😛 It does look nice… But of course the great music helps a lot. 😛 One part reminds me greatly of the ‘Requiem for a Dream’ song, but maybe it was exactly that. It seems that the graphics will be really good. 🙂 Anna-Lousia from Lost is in the movie, yay! 😀 😛 (I don’t know her real name 😛 ) But I am not sure if I really want to give 12 euros for it. 😛 It would be nice to see it 3D, but I should be saving money. I can give that money for another movie that I REALLY want to see… Like Harry Potter!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀


Damn it, time must not like me it seems. Whenever I don’t have my eye on him, he runs away. And then when I search for him again, I realize he has been gone for long.

I should be studying for exams damn it. But again it seems I wanted to take a break and a long, long time went by without me realizing it. (Or wanting to realize it 😛 )


2 thoughts on “The coldest inhabited places on Earth … !

  1. Antonis says:

    Hey Dru!
    Ana Lucia from lost is Michelle Rodriguez.. And yes, you should see Avatar!
    In my opinion it is the best 3D movie ever made and though some disagree with me, I think it is better than other movies of the kind, like Beowulf (though in many scenes in Beowulf, Robert Zemeckis gives a kick in Camerons nuts and utilizes 3D with a lot more creativity).
    Nevertheless the experience alone is totally worth it..

    • Hey Tony! 😀
      Hmmm I will consider it then! 🙂 Beowulf had great graphics, so Avatar must be at least on that level or better.
      Thank you for your comment! 🙂 Happy Name Day btw! 😀

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