Various Variosities

Haha 😛 A new word! Created by yours truly, Drusillah sama! 😛

Variosities (n) : Another way to define “variety”. Things that are different with each other.

Have you heard of Google Transliteration? If you haven’t, and if you write in a different alphabet sometimes, then you must know about it, and you will know… right, now!

Google Transliteration

You write normal text in English with roman alphabet… After you have chosen the language you want it to be converted in… You write a word, and press Space, and poof!! The whole alphabet has changed!!!! They have Hindi, Greek, Arabic, Russian, Serbian, Hebrew, to name a few! 

I, for one, will definitely use it! 😀

(Take note: It’s not a translator. You have to write the word in the said language in roman alphabets.

Ok, let’s try it. I’ll choose Greek….

“Geia sas, ti xambariazete re paidia?”

And poof!

“Γεια σας, τι χαμπαριάζετε ρε παιδιά?”

Hehe 🙂

It’s snowing/raining again today. 😦 Bad weather doesn’t help the mood, does it? Nor does when you feel lonely, so that’s an added bonus.

There was no meeting last Tuesday btw. 😛 I made a mistake with the days. I had set to get emails weekly, so I received the email too late and didn’t realize it till later.

The good thing is, the next day I went to another kind of meeting. 🙂 I already knew a few people there, and one girl has the quality/gift to make you feel comfortable, which is great 🙂

I stumbled on this image yesterday… I think I was looking at it for 5 mins. How can one describe the feelings in it? Sure, there are words available to do this, but I would think they aren’t enough, to describe this woman’s feelings…. And what feelings this image creates in the viewer.

Damn, this is so hard to concentrate at work and study what I must. Do I have ADD or something? I never was able to concentrate on studying for long. If something took normal students 30 mins, for me it was 3 hours, because of all the f^%$$## breaks I would take, and mind you, they weren’t short ones. Or is something wrong with my internal batteries? I take a break at work, but still, I don’t feel rested.

I want to have a nice, funny, light, memorable blog. That takes effort.

Two days ago, after a LOT of nagging from my father, I went out to run/walk. I did it because I didn’t want to end up as he was so sure that I would. (Something I hate, when people talk as if they know the future). It was a nice feeling to be out 🙂 I only went for 25 mins or so, and most of the time I was walking briskly because with a bit of running my heartbeat rate would skyrocket. Trying to keep the rate under 140 is great, M. told me. Or else you burn sugar, and not fat. And Universe knows, I have LOTS of fat in my body. I won’t tell you the percentage. 😛 But it doesn’t show on the outside that much, thank goodness. I am wondering what is the percentage of the obese.

Woo…. Word count: 529! 🙂

Do you by any chance like Mexican?

If so, this article is good 🙂

23 Mexican-Restaurant Words You Need to Know 

One of these days I am going to put up pictures from my Benelux trip 😀 But I have been so lazy lately 😛 Nobody must ever see the kitchen and its current state. 😛

Have a pleasant 1st of May! 😀



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