I’m here


I’m here.

I don’t know what I’ll do after that, or what to say …

But at least I am declaring my presence, I haven’t left.


It’s dark in here, did someone turn off the lights?

Mommy, I’m afraid…

Mommy? Are you there? Is anybody here? Hello?

Nobody. I’m all alone here in this dark room.

I shouldn’t talk loud, the monsters might hear me.


I didn’t even bring my imaginary friend with me. It’s just me with myself. But still, it’s lonely even with such company.

Seconds seems like hours… Will anybody come for me?

Does anybody know I am trapped here?

I’m thirsty… Maybe I can drink my tears.

I look around the room … At least I think it’s a room. I cannot see even a hint of light.

Huddled in the corner, I could run, but my arms and legs are paralyzed with fear. Not only of the darkness, but also of what could be lurking in it …

I am too young to die mommy. I want to roll on grassy hills, giggling uncontrollably. The sun would shine on my face, and the light breeze would play softly with my hair. I want to chase beautiful butterflies while skipping rope.

… What is that sound?! Footsteps?

I think I just peed all over myself. It doesn’t matter anymore.

In the complete black of darkness, I catch a small flutter of movement with the corner of my eye. I let out a scream of horror, and cover my head with my hands, but as time ticks on I realize I didn’t have to. My ears strain and when the creature passes in front of me, I understand what that sound was.

A little white moth.

I vaguely recognize its presence as my brain is slowly going numb… This is it. Ten whole years of my life, lived. I hope my puppy will be ok without me.

The moth flutters in front of my eyes once more. My mind registers it the second time. A moth… What is it doing here? Could there be a way out?

A small ray of hope flutters in my heart, like the fluttering of wings…

I stop crying.

Maybe the white moth can lead me out of this darkness…


P.S. There you go, I found something to say. A little short story of a young girl in darkness. Whether the darkness is literal or metaphorical, it’s up to you to decide.


8 thoughts on “I’m here

  1. blackwatertown says:

    This reminds me of an old nursery rhyme you never hear these days – Little Jumping Joan:
    Here I am,
    Little Jumping Joan.
    When nobody’s with me,
    I am always alone.

    In the illustration, the girl appeared to be in a cellar, jumping over a shaft of light.
    I have found it difficult to write episodes of confinement like your one above. I’m not sure why. Maybe I do not feel the fear enough personally.
    Comment on yours: I like the moth fluttering in. A fragile sign of life associated with darkness. Wings almost like breath – so insubstantial. You cold have added in more about the feel and touch of the confinement – cold stone on fingertips, dirt on knees and under nails, damp seeping through her dress – all that is just for instance. I imagine that touch might become important with light reduced and sound muffled.
    Anyway – I’m at http://www.blackwatertown.wordpress.com if you fancy dropping by. (It’s the name of a book I have written.)

    • Hi, thank you for your comments!! I appreciate such feedback on writing. 🙂 You are right, now that I am thinking about it, adding description of tough would make it more real, more deep.

      Sure, I’ll drop by your blog! 🙂

  2. The Blade of Light says:

    There are actually many songs which could fit the tale, from any perspective, or even combining them !

    Examples :

    For the girl only.

    For the mother only.

    For the girl and the mother, in the role of “Passion”


    • Hey, the last one is a perfect choice!! 🙂 (The lyrics). Though the next question is if we should categorize the songs that fit, into “Fit according to lyrics”, and “Fit according to music” 😀 There could be a whole philosophical discussion, haha! 😛

  3. Baeltimazilfas says:

    Hey, finally a sign of life, even if it is given with a dark, clandestine and brooding, but yet somewhat deceptively hopeful story (sorry, but you asked for more adjectives 😛 ).


    Somehow that story brings me this to mind as a suitable soundtrack to it :

    • No problem, I enjoy such a “critique” with good adjectives 🙂 (If you have any more adjectives do tell! xD)

      The introduction to the song you posted is awesome!!!! ❤ (first 30 seconds)

      I would say in my opinion this song goes more:

      (Hmmm, but probably you are right. Your song goes to the little girl, and the song I put goes more to the mother of the little girl. Hmmm … maybe I could write the point of view of the mother… Hmmm.)

    • Well, like I said it’s a short story, so obviously it came from my head. O_o (I don’t get your question) And some more adjectives other than “interesting” would be good 😛

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