Woot woot!

I found some great things at a second-hand shop!! 😀

And here buying things from a second-hand shop are not considered “lowly”. Many students buy things from such shops as well. And I’ve never seen so many in a city! In Greece I didn’t even know such a store existed before. Well I’ve heard of thrift stores in USA, I think they are the same more or less? I don’t know for sure.

For example my desk was bought from a second-hand shop with furniture, and it looks new!! The only problem is that the one drawer doesn’t go all the way in and it sticks out a little, and other small insignificant things here and there. I bought it for ….. 20 euros! O_O (I will post a picture of it so you see what a great bargain it was 😀 )

Yesterday I bought…… Three manga books, in ENGLISH!!!! Wooot!! The first, FIRST volume of Bleach, (and it’s super difficult to find first volumes when shopping for manga!), and the second and third issue of Love Hina! huhu! xD Bleach manga, Volume 1I was so happy because I kept seeing them sell manga books everywhere, but they were only in Finnish (damn it!). And yes! These were in English! The manga books were 2,50 each! Woot woot! In Greece each volume is at least 10 euros! I can’t imagine the kind of fortune people spend to buy whole series of manga….Love Hina manga, Volume 2

Now all that is missing is Volume 1 of Love Hina… But maybe I should stop buying these things because the money can fly out the window….

Btw, these jeans are not 100% perfect… I noticed that they have small imperfections on the surface, for example on the thighs. Like small snags here and there. I suppose that’s why they were so cheap?? 😛 But they don’t even show, and if they hold for a good amount of time and use, then no harm done. 🙂

Do you read any manga or comics? If so, which?


3 thoughts on “Woot!

  1. Haha! I think they are the same as thrift stores! In the states or Canada, for designer products at cheaper prices you can go to the outlet stores. There they sell the products that they can’t sell on the open market dues to minor faults and imperfections. My mother has bought countless Coach purses from them at discount prices because of a minor stain on the botom or a slight fault with the logo… perhaps there was a not in the stiching…

    In Greece, what I found similar (because I don not think there are second hand shops or thrift shops, though it is thought of as lowly, you are right) is the Lykees. There was one near where I was staying every monday, so if I was off of school, durring a holiday or something, I could go and check it out. I found authentic Hand M jeans that just had a minor stain on the label, and countless other pairs of Jeans, sweaters, shirts and more all for just somewhere between 2-5 euros! And they have all held up for 3 years so far! They also had great nuts, lol. One year my mother wanted to get some walnuts to make a christmas dish, but she couldn’t find any affordable ones in the stores that were any good. It would cost over 10 euros for a nice LOOKING shelled bunch, with maybe five in the package. She needed a kilo! So we were at the lykee and she saw some, and the guy was just packing them up. He told her he couldn’t sell them because they didnt “look nice” which was true. lol. But my mother cracked one and the inside was beutiful! She ended up buying two kilos and the guy was helping her hand pic them so she got the best ones. Out of the two kilos there were maybe five BAD ones…

    Its a shame that they don’t all sell cheap little nick nacks at the markets, and its seen as lowly to buy them. I mean they sell better quality stuff that actually fits someone like me who isn’t pencil think, better than anything I’d find at… zara’s or any other place like that!

  2. The Blade of Light says:

    > The manga books were 2,50 each! Woot woot! In Greece each volume is at least 10 euros! I can’t imagine the kind of fortune people spend to buy whole series of manga….

    Hehehe … you could get into the reseller business … go the store and offer that Finn fellow a small legal kompina of import/export of selling used goods as collective in Greece … 😛

    > But they don’t even show

    LoL ! Did you examine them with a magnifying glass .?. :p

    • hahaha….. the problem is that these stores have what people give them… so if someone had three issues of english manga and nobody else sold to this second-hand store, they cannot provide more. 😛 sniff!

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