Fire Emblem!

Hello hello!

Recently I’ve gotten stuck again on Fire Emblem. 😀

I had played it some years ago, and had really liked and enjoyed it then. I’d played the two GameBoy Advance games, Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken (Blazing Sword) and Fire Emblem: Seima no Kōseki (The Sacred Stones). One day as I was searching for some image, I stumbled on the image of one of the characters and it re-ignited the flame! 😀


It’s fun! Even though on Normal mode it is pretty easy to beat, but I like very much that it is more personal, not cold and impersonal as many games are. You get to know the characters, get to feel affection for them … Along the lines of normal and not obsession for fictional characters, I mean. 😛

Here are some screenshots from the cover box art, and the gameplay:

This is when there is a fight:

This is from Sacred Stones, but looks almost the same as the previous, Blazing Sword:

Here are some of my favorite characters!

Lyn, because I can just imagine her being a real-life close friend of mine… She is compassionate, friendly, generous, helpful, kind… Plus she looks cool!! 😀

Eliwood… Because he’s a Lord like Lyn, and they go together! Plus he’s hot! 😛 Well yes, he’s also kind, generous, etc. etc. 😛

Joshua, because he’s a Myrmidon, plus super cool and hot! I mean, come on, look at that stance… The billowing cloak, that confident look… That flaming red hair… It just re-ignites my Reno fancy 😀

Erk, the mage!!! Because, he’s a mage, and he has purple hair!!!!!! End of discussion! 😀

Hector as well, because he’s Eliwood’s best friend and a cool guy to be around. 😉

Damn, there are many others, but I don’t remember them yet because I haven’t played the whole game of Blazing Sword yet (and more will be recruited), and I haven’t re-started to play Sacred Stones, so I cannot remember characters that I liked years ago. 😛  (Except Joshua 😀 ❤ )

Here are the “mug shots” of the characters in Blazing Sword (the one I am currently playing). You can clearly see Eliwood, Hector and Lyn in the first three sprites 🙂 Erk is in the third row). I just think this image is great, colorful, pixel art, and vibrant! 😀

I mean, come on, how can you not like the good guys (and girls)?! They are all so good-looking, beautiful, with amazing outfits and vibrant-colored hair!!!! Sniff…. Why can’t real-life hair be like that…. 😦


It’s an unrequited wish, I know.

For much more information on the games and characters, visit Fire Emblem Wiki!

Off-topic: I made Sloppy Joes yesterday!!!! YUM! 😀 I haven’t eaten it in yeaaars, I had missed it a lot! My mouth is drooling just thinking about it again. 😀 Maybe I should visit the kitchen. 😛 I took a picture of the dish I made, so when I transfer it to the pc I’ll post it here! 😉

Have you played Fire Emblem? 🙂 If yes, let’s share our passion together! 😀


8 thoughts on “Fire Emblem!

  1. Seems So Fun! I’ll have to see if I can get it. My brother and I suddenly got back into game boy! Though we were always more into pokemon… lol its hilarious! I was 5 when I got the Silver game… I remember being so posesive about it…. NO ONE was alowed to play it IT WAS MINE! Now we went back to see it after about 10 years… I had litterally nothing done… all I ever did was wonder around the same village… and to think the HOURS i spent on it! Hilarious!

    Well my brother has finished it now… so much for that 😛

    I’ll have to give this a try. Because my sister and I were so young we never got the games we wanted. The games we had were things like… barbie things or I remeber a mary kate and ashley one… gawd they were boring! I liked on of the barby ones only becasue it was underwater and I would just move around and look at the different pritily coloured star fish and dolphins… *whimsical day dreaming expression* lol

    But I think you have me hookoed just by showing me your favourite characters! I think you are right, hotties indeed! An GAWD I wish I could look like those girls! I mean the way their hair is all floaty and stuff when they aren’t even moving… *enchanted I am* 😛 and their clothes too. I agree, I would like a game like this just for the awesome clothers, hair (haha I love the purple hair too! But I think I like the teal hair better 😛 or red even…) and awesome drawings… I wonder what it would be like to live as a character like that for a little while. Like if we could do what happened to alice in wonderland and just fall into their life for a bit… incredible!

    • Yay!! 😀

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my posts and comment on them!! 🙂

      Haha, I used to play Pokemon Pikachu 😀 Have you played that one?

      Haha, you probably enjoying walking around the village xD

      You should definitely try it if you like this kind of fantasy turn-based game plus hot characters! 😀 I’ve never bought Barbie games, eek! 😛 I would assume that indeed they are boring. My sister had bought a Mary-Kate and Ashley one, for riding cars. 😛

      I know exactly what you mean! I would also like to see what it’s like, to be them, look so cool like them, etc.!

      • Haha, no problem! You write so well and they are so funny! I’m starting from the begining and working my way forward. and I can’t not comment! lol.

        Yes I have played it! I think we have just about every pokemon game they made!

        Seeing as I had no idea what I was supposed to do… yes I did ;P

        Is there an online version? Or only for gameboy… I don’t know where I would find the gameboy game here. Believe me, If I could have helped it I wouldn’t have bought the barbie games. At the time they were the only things out parents would get us. You know. P.G. 5? 😛 I have a polar express game that they made for the movie. That one is actually fun and pretty cool. Ha! My mary kate and ashly one is pretty borring. I think its just fashion and there is litterally no point to it…

        Yay! So I’m not alone! 😛 also to be able to do all the magic/wicked tricks/ninja tricks/ awesome fighting sequences would be totally cool! Impossible in the real world as gravity exists…

  2. The Blade of Light says:

    Ah, the Fire Emblem … A great game for GBA if there ever was one ! 🙂
    I think that I have played only “the sacred stones” because most of the characters from the snapshot ring a bell … not all of them though, so this probably means that I never got to finish the game … 😐

    But anyway, since I liked the artwork you posted very much, I’ll give you another reason Erk is cool : He is cynical. 😛


    Given the purple hair, I thought that you would have liked the Unicorn Rider Girl, quite a lot … I don’t remember her name but it is the first one on the forth row.

    • Indeed a great game! 😀

      You mean Blazing Sword 😛 Those characters aren’t from Sacred Stones. ;P

      Ah, Florina… The meek and scared girl. 😛 That is why I don’t like her. She’s like Hinata for pete’s sake, hiding behind Lyn’s skirt. 😛

      • The Blade of Light says:

        LoL ! Still she does have purple hair. 😉

        Plus, I do not see anything wrong with Hinata … 😛

        • It’s not purple per say 😛 It’s lighter than lavender!

          Plus Florina drives me up the wall with her “mi-mi-mi don’t eat me!!” look/behavior 😛

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