Sure, I could live without a car for a year… or more…

As the title says, I COULD live without a car for a year. I have been living this way for years. πŸ˜›

In a big city as the one I grew up in, using public transport was more than enough. It is cheap (for students the fare for 70 mins is 25 cents! For “non-students”, 50 cents!), and 90% of the time reliable.

Why use the car? It pollutes the environment, it creates more traffic -> CO2 + stress -> noise pollution.

Are we humans so lazy? At the current city that I live now, many many people take the bicycle. I think that’s wonderful! It has no effect on the environment, they are exercising a little every day, and just being out in the nature gives you a sunnier disposition. (That is, if it’s not raining or snowing πŸ˜› )

The only reason I would want a car is to go for a trip further away, but even then, in a developed country they should have buses even for other cities/towns/villages.

I encourage more people to leave their car and either car pool, take a bicycle, walk, take the public transport. Many days we feel like we don’t even want to walk 5-10 mins to the supermarket. I understand that. But we should realize the effects of using the car every day, for every little errand.

Small steps can make a big difference.


2 thoughts on “Sure, I could live without a car for a year… or more…

  1. Jay says:

    Nice article. πŸ˜‰ I agree! I haven’t driven for the past fifteen years, and for the most part, I’m happier without the stress of worrying about accidents, parking, gas prices, etc. The added value is that I really do feel that I am contributing to the Earth by adding to the destruction of it. In many ways, I believe that the automobile has impacted negatively on our world, not just in terms of pollution, but also in terms of the high number of auto realted deaths, as well as the fact that we seem now build cities with cars in mind instead of the ones who drive it. Moreover, in some ways, we have become secondary to the automobile; if I want to walk down the midde of the street I can’t because (a) I might get run over and (b) I might get a ticket for Jaywalking! Also, many stores, malls, are built that are accesible only by car – as they are too far away to walk to. With some malls, even if you manage to walk to the complex … it still takes about a half day to just cross the parking lot! This sounds like a good topic for one of Judd Jugmonger’s blog posts πŸ˜› – thanks for the idea! πŸ˜›

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