Who (didn’t) let the dogs out

Have I told you that the past few days there is a “woe-is-me” sad dog in our building? It’s driving me up the wall! A few days ago we heard a cry in the evening. At first I thought it’s a human, but soon I realized it was a dog. A nervous, small dog, mind you. I am sure of it. (I can tell from the bark.) 😛

It has been going on for days now…! And my emotions are ranging from anger and annoyance to pity and sympathy for the poor little thing.

The cry is always the  same, and you can imagine how it’s really pissing me off now.

“Oouuuuuu….. Aouuuuuuu…..” Ugh! Get a grip on yourself!!!

Has the poor thing been neglected for so many days? I keep thinking of the owners didn’t go on vacation and leave the lonely dog alone at home to fend for itself. In that case, I am not sure if that is even legal? If I knew the language and the customs, maybe I would call somebody and ask what I can do. Or go up to the door and see how it behaves when it hears someone approaching.

On the other hand, could it just be too mommy-clingy and it just cries like this when they leave the house?

For a few moments I think how lonely and abandoned it must feel. But then I go back to cursing it under my breath and wishing it would stop.

This doesn’t seem normal to me though… It’s been going on too long. What are the other neighbors thinking? Have they contacted anybody?

It’s like leaving your child home alone while you go on vacation, and that is of course neglect. So why shouldn’t it be the same with a pet? They can’t walk themselves, they’d have to pee on the floor.

It’s worrysome to me… But on the other hand I am not doing anything. Maybe I just want to believe that it’s crying when they leave? I doubt somebody would be so cruel as to leave their pet for days alone, plus risk coming back to find pee and poo all over the place. Gross.

Don’t get me started on the euthanasia of stray dogs… Does the government also shoot homeless people?! Who gave you the right?!

I hope this matter gets resolved soon with the crying dog. If not, well then I may be forced to do something about it, even though I don’t like it because I don’t know what the unwritten rules are here, and what is considered normal.

Edit: Ok, I decided. If it’s crying also today when I return home in the evening, I will contact the owner of these apartments. I feel sorry for the lonely doggie, even if it does have an aggravating cry. Plus if he cannot speak up for help, somebody should.


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