What is Art ?

What in the world is the difference between Fine Arts, Arts Education, Illustration and Art History?

Why is there a need to create confusions and misplaced judgement? Same as music genres go.

Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, New Age, Old Age, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Goth Metal, Metal, ugh! It’s all giving me a headache!

When someone asks you, “What kind of music do you listen to?”, and if you answer “Alternative Rock”, I bet you 85-90% of the people won’t know what exactly you mean. I didn’t know what it was till I got Spotify and actively was interested in the genre of each song I would add to my list.

Same with Art… Music is also considered Art, and so is Filmography, Photography, and a whole bunch of others.

If someone wants to be knowledgeable in Art…. What path do they choose? Fine Arts? Illustration? Art Education?! What is the difference and which is best for me?

Is there some guide to break all these terms down to manageable chunks?


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