Fucked Up World

A Children's Playground

Kids don't always play innocently here ...


I know it is, and you know it is. But mostly I choose to be in bliss ignorance. Or else I’d be constantly depressed. I cannot think and ponder of all the evil, sad, fucked up things going on in the world.

Yesterday I saw an article about TWO 6 YEAR OLD BOYS HAVING SEX AT A PLAYGROUND. Oral and ANAL SEX! 6! 6 Years old!!!!

When one is 6 years old, they are curious about sexuality yes, of course. They may be playing with themselves, testing out what their body does, or asking to see the private parts of the opposite gender. “Show me yours and I’ll show you mine!” Or playing “Doctor and patient”. But in no way is it ever normal to have sex, intercourse! In the anus! Poor boys 😦 I really really hope they don’t have issues when they grow up. But the adults are making such a big deal out of it, they may be homophobes, sexphobes, or many worse things.

What is worse, an 8 year old boy taught them this. Where did HE learn this and where did he think that it’s ok to teach younger boys than him?! He either witnessed it or saw it somewhere. 😦 I hope he wasn’t abused.

And where were the councelors?! It was a day-camp!! Why hadn’t they seen them?

And they did it more than 8-11 times in a period of three weeks? Was it consensual? Did both boys want it? Or did one make the other one sit for him?!?

On one forum as I was reading people’s opinions, one girl said that when she was in day-care, a little girl was caught having a boy lick her “down-there”. She disappeared after that, and they found out that the girl was separated from her father because it was suspected that she learned it from him and he had done it to her.

WTF!!! What a fucked up world…. !!! I hate it all!!!!

What is WRONG with some people?!?!!!!

On this forum some people were saying that if it was consented by both boys, what is the big deal?

a) We don’t know if it was really. Maybe one boy was persuaded/pressured to do it.

b) They are too young to understand. Who knows how they will grow up and what kind of thoughts they will have on sex now. Messed up?

c) A 6 year old’s body is not made yet for penetration!

I should stop, I am getting too upset and unnerved by all of this.

To anyone who wants to read the article…. Here you go.

This is why I hate reading the news.


One thought on “Fucked Up World

  1. The Blade of Light says:

    Imho, if you stop and examine every extremity that people of any age do and depress yourself over it then you will just end up miserable 24/7, so you shouldn’t take such news at heart, since in large populations aberrant/deviant behaviours are statistically logical to happen.

    BUT …

    > On this forum some people were saying that if it was consented by both boys, what is the big deal?

    … This is another matter altogether … I mean really, what on earth is inside those people’s heads, straw .?.

    Judging specific cases and letting it slide a bit concerning the whole sociey is one thing, but realising there is actually such a STUPID and crazy popular opinion is another.

    Only the fact that there was an actual number of people that were stupid enough to give to 6-year olds the abilities of choice of an adult, is indeed pathetic for any society those people might belong to.

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