Dreams are not what they seem, thank goodness

I feel very relieved…. I may in the near future revert back to feelings of nervousness and anxiousness, but for now I am relieved to learn that dreams are not always what they seem.

6 Ways to Make Sure Your Dreams Will Be Sweet

Dream Decoder: The 10 Most Common Dreams (I would add a few more to the list 😛 )

Expert Q&A: Dreaming Explained

Curing Chronic Nightmares (The image is pretty scary in my opinion, but I can’t “calm” myself logically and look at it with no emotions. I wonder why… )

I can remember some pretty creepy and stressful dreams I had in the past… I still shudder today. But it’s relieving to know that it simply meant that I was very stressed during that time, which makes sense. Now only to repeat this mantra to myself, and maybe I can be completely rid of the memories of them (not forget them of course, but not be haunted by them).

Do you have vivid dreams? A friend of mine remembers insane details from some dreams, he could easily write a collection of short stories! I don’t have such dreams much anymore, and I would say that is good. I would like not to dream at all, or to have dreams that empower me and give me courage and direction. Ha! Dream on, Dru…


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