Words, words …

How do you survive in a world that has different views than you?

When people use words like nothing, not caring what they really mean, and just sprout them out?

But you take the words and their meanings seriously?

Because excuse me people, but words have a meaning for a REASON.

You can’t just say, “I figured this out” and mean “I found this on a forum”.

Definition of “Figure Out”:

  • solve: find the solution to (a problem or question) or understand the meaning of;
  • To come to understand; to discover or find a solution; to deduce; To calculate

It means that you thought of it through, you mulled it over in your mind, and from theories deducted that the solution was x.

In my opinion it doesn’t mean, “I was browsing through the internet till I found it on a forum.”

This is just an example, a very recent one.

I think the solution is not only for me to start taking words less seriously… I think everyone should compromise. People who use words like nothing to think more about their meaning, those who take them too seriously to lessen their hold…

Because then why don’t why just start calling each other “assholes” and mean it as “friend”? “Oh, I meant that you’re a friend!”

Well, this is the trend in Greece between guys, calling each other “malaka”.

I like nationalities who are rumoured to say things that they mean. Finland has (had?) this. I don’t know if it’s still there, but I had read that when they tell you something, “Call me sometime!”, they mean it and will be hurt if it goes forgotten.

I detest people/nationalities who just say things and don’t mean them. “I’ll call you sometime!” YEAH SURE. Sometime being when exactly? When YOU NEED something from ME?? Well thanks, but you’re not a friend. Goodbye!

I hate it when some people say, “I’ll call you for a coffee next week!”, and I specifically say, “Ok, I’ll be waiting!”, and nothing comes. I mean come ON, WHY say it?! Just don’t say anything!!!! If you don’t want to go out with me, don’t say it!!! Or if you can’t go for a coffee, a nice act of courtesy and kindness would be to send me a message, “I didn’t forget about you, but something happened and I can’t go for coffee this week”. Great! Then I’ll respect you more.

I try to be honest like this and keep my promises and words. If I say something, I try to keep it. If something comes up, I’ll apologize and ask for another time.

I’m pretty frustrated as you can see. It annoys me.

You know what I think?

That if people use words just like that, then it’s harder for me to believe those people and trust them. So, speak carefully. Then I start to wonder if whatever is said, is meant as well.

So, even if I don’t know you or you don’t know me (to any readers that are but a presence on the internet), please try to keep your words, and don’t speak in vain. Hearts could be broken. Say what you MEAN. If you don’t know how to phrase it as you want, be honest. Open a dictionary or thesaurus. And don’t hide behind excuses. With time you’ll become better at it.


9 thoughts on “Words, words …

  1. Kudos to you! Kudos for speaking your mind! Kudos for being honest and truthful, but most of all, KUDOS for being able to understand words.

    I really do commemorate you right now- and I’m NOT just saying that. I’m like you. Every single word that I use when I speak or write, has a meaning, and is where it is for a reason. I personally can’t stand the extent to which language has degraded in just the past decade. Its horrible if you think of how long it took our language to get to where it is today!

    And yeah its fine to use outrageous abbreviations on texts and emails, but in person I still think someone should have the courtesy to speak properly!

    Hahaha, I got a kick out of you comment about Greeks… I did notice that, when I first moved there a few years back, but I figured my Greek was just rusty and I was mis-hearing them. Another one that bothered me though, was how everyone would nonchalantly throw around “File” as if we’ve been old chums for years and can be… well chummy! It’s not like I’m ever going to see this particular cab driver again! So why act like it? Right?

    I know what you mean though. I have difficulties trusting people all the time now because when we lived in Greece, and even now, but some what less, people were always acting like that. Saying they’d stop by, give a call, get a coffee… never happened. So now I just say sure, and let myself have a pleasant little surprise if I do get an email from an old friend who said they would, or a call from a newer one πŸ˜›

    Now, to splurge a little and make this long comment even longer- because that’s what I do best :P- I’ll give you a little theory of mine on the wonders of LANGUAGE! haha

    There are litterally, thousands of words in the English language. But we only use about one thousand of those on a daily basis. I personally detest the lack of variety and try to mix it up for my own amusement… I mean what else do I have to do when penning out essay after essay mussing over nothing in particular?

    However, in today’s society, people are trying to cut back out use of language even farther- with text talk and the such, as mentioned previously. Furthermore, up until this point, society has been augmenting its self in all areas. Higher birthrates, better health- population growth. Increase GDP, Increased number of people with the ability to use technology… ect ect it has all been about increase. The one area that seems to have decreased is Language, and I believe that’s only because its ahead of its time. Little by Little I bet we are going to start seeing things decrease. Fewer cars on the road. Fewer new houses being built. Fewer people living in big cities(which we already see with rural rejuvenation- the reversing of rural to urban migration)- etc. We are going to return to our roots- at least somewhat. And indeed this might be the very thing that saves us in a time when we are plagued by global warming and warnings of Armageddon.

    HOWEVER (and this is the bit I find most frightening) in that case, language should be the last to go… or certainly it shouldn’t be diminishing so quickly. And if we start to retreat back into history, rather than moving forward into the light age, a better vocabulary and understanding of everything would be the only thing saving us from going completely back into the stone age! but if we let language slip, and future generations aren’t able to read as well or write, communications are going to fail which means diplomacy will fail which means peace will fail… moreover, any legacies that we leave behind- books- tokens of our knowledge will be lost, and it will take at least another 2000 years for society to completely redevelop to even near where we are today.

    Ok, maybe that a bit far fetched, but its certainly plausible… with time. I mean just look at world records, eventually we aren’t going to be able to break them any more because they will be beyond where the human body has evolved to be capable of breaking them (we saw booms in records due to improved technology, nutrition and health and unless steroids come back- since certain, further technology is being prohibited, there’s not going to be anything left for athletes to take as an advantage… The ancient Greeks had it right, its all in the core body.)

    And one of the things that is down right saddening, especially looking at Greece is that its already happening there… but analyzing that properly would put this comment over the edge… so I’d like to say adieu and arivederci, and until next time! (on a hiatus due to exams, unfortunately. :[)

    • Thanks Mirella!! πŸ™‚ I am happy that you agree.

      Personally I detest the horrible abbreviations in text msgs (c u tmr! gn). Is it so difficut to write “you” instead of “u” ? I feel a bit degraded when someone writes “u” because I have a “y” and “o” too damn it! πŸ˜› Ok maybe that’s taking it too far, I am not a word. But words project something. If someone wrote, “I like u”, it wouldn’t feel the same as “I like you”. (It doesn’t feel as honest either).

      I know what you mean, I’d rather have a pleasant surprise too from someone who means their words too πŸ™‚ And trust does diminish with these small acts, and people don’t realize it. I really don’t understand why they do that.

      Interesting theory! Personally I think fewer cars on the road would be a good thing! πŸ˜› Better public transport, not so much CO2… But I am not sure if it would go so far as peace failing from that… Who knows. I hope the next generations are not so stupid as to decrease the usage of language even further.

      Yeah, many things are saddening because they are failing in Greece, and yet they always remain proud because of the HISTORY. If you don’t take care of your country NOW though, history will be the only good thing left! They don’t understand it…

      Thanks for your comment!! I always appreciate feedback πŸ™‚ Good luck with your exams!!

  2. The Blade of Light says:

    Well, I remember a past conversation (or was it a forums topic) we had on the subject and now that a bit of time has gone past I still think that this is more a matter of spontaneous personality than anything else.

    There are indeed people like that and they are the majority imho, people that act on the spot/moment … when they say that they would call you, they might really mean or intend to, but once the moment is past, whoosh, the idea is gone as well … so, this is a very simplified version of the whole idea, but you should take into account that most people in this country are in that category (I do not really exclude myself from it, btw).

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