How to Backup your Blog

Keeping up a blog is tough, especially if you are consistent with it and writing good quality posts often.

What happens if oh-god-forbid you lose a few precious posts by some accident? (e.g. server error, anything)

You need to backup your blog. And one can hardly sit and copy-paste every post they’ve ever written into a Word document…! Preposterous.

Worry no more! HTTrack Website Copier is here for you!

Download the program (it’s free!), install it (duh), and set the main URL that the program should download from. It will create an offline version of the whole website.

Don’t worry, you can have many projects, and update them at will.

Voi la! Problem solved!

P.S. This is a general tip how to backup a blog, website, forum, etc.

I just found out from Leeswammes’ Blog that for WordPress it can be done by going to : Dashboard -> Tools -> Export. It creates an XML file, so it is not exactly the same, but if you have another WordPress site you can import the XML file back. Not exactly the same as HTTrack, but still very useful.


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