8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Thomas Edison! We owe you a lot!

  1. The Moomin says:

    Didn’t Edison essentially steal the the ideas for patents from the people he employed in his think tank?
    They did the work and thinking, he claimed the glory.
    Kind of like modern office set-ups where the project manager claims the benefits and bonuses for everyone else’s hard work.

    • Did he? I’d like to hear about it. 🙂 Do you have a link or reference? (Too tired to search now :P)

      True, many times it’s very unfair like that 😦

  2. The Blade of Light says:

    Well, I do not really “like” Edison, but one cannot argue that he was not a very important inventor so I say “thumbs up” for the well made post and your avid interest in such knowledge, Dru. 🙂

  3. Madmom says:

    It is refreshing to read someone who appreciates great inventors! It is so easy to take things for granted nowadays! Good Job!

  4. Beyond his inventions, he was a prolific organizer and visioniary. He not only forsaw ways of bringing electric into our homes through power generation, he actually implemented his plan. He also founded “General Electric”, the manafacturer of a plethora of appliances, which as its company marketing slogan used to claim, “brings good things to life”. Yes, he was a marvel! Good post!

    • Hehe, on July 10th I will devote a post to Nikola Tesla too of course. And of course just because I believe that Edison is great because of the phonograph, it doesn’t rule out other scientists and inventors. 🙂 Each one should be thanked for their own thing and not compared, in my opinion.

    • The Blade of Light says:

      > Actually, Edison isn’t that big, he just wanted to make a whole lot of money… most of the big inventions were made by Nikola Tesla

      Quite so, and let us not forget the AC\DC electric current “wars” between Edison’s DC current and Westinghouse’s (with his Tesla power generators) AC current …

      Had Edison won we would have been under blinking lights and the electronic age would simply never have come !

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