This is my post from August 10th, 2010 πŸ˜› (Wow, has it been so long?) Erm yes, I am posting it a year and some months later πŸ˜› Erm yes, I know it’s quite late to do that πŸ˜› Better late than never they say! Ha! πŸ˜›


Hello hello!!

We are back from Italy! πŸ˜€ (And back to routine life, sniff).

My overall impression was that Italy was hot, chaotic, loud. Of course I expected these things, I know what a Southern nation can be like. ;P

We did a lot of walking, and saw many museums, artwork and statues. I was disapointed in the museums, I expected something more along the lines of what The Hermitage in St. Petersburg has. But on the other hand, maybe nothing compares to The Hermitage. πŸ˜‰ (I haven’t been to The Louvre yet.)

There were TOO many artworks of “Madonna col bambino”!!! (Madonna and child). Enough already!! Geez!

Ok, in their defence, in the 16th century that is what the artists would live from. Commisions from priests, churches, etc. But still!

The whole trip seems a bit of a blur to me… 😦 It might be because the areas looked similar to me, or because the more I travel, the less unique some cities seem. (Ok, in Europe at least). For example, one street in Florence seemed to me a combination of Stockholm and Amsterdam. πŸ˜›

I took many photos of course πŸ™‚ Plus videos! In an amusement park near Verona (Gardaland), we bought a DVD of our ride on the rollercoaster πŸ˜€ Well, they had it amongst some Italian plot, about an airplane and I don’t know what else (can’t they have it in English?!), but it’s still good to have it. πŸ™‚ I don’t like that they cut off the last part of the video in the DVD!Β  We were waving to the camera, hmph! πŸ˜›

Hmmmm… I am wondering how to write this post. How many details, explanations, etc.

Might as well write more, than less… πŸ˜›

Day 1: The first day we got to Verona in the evening. Our hotel was outside the city, so we paid 14 euros for the taxi to take us there, approximately 9 km. Not a bad price, considering that in Finland you can pay 15 euros for an 3,5 km distance. O_O (yikes!)

The hotel was great! Three stars no less πŸ˜€ We took it because it was the best option we could find at last minute booking, not because we wanted a three star hotel. πŸ˜› The room looked luxurious! Plus it had a mini fridge!! Yay! That same night we went to a nearby pizza place… It was clean, the service was good, and the pizza was tasty! I should have ordered “Pizza Bianca”, which is “White Pizza”, normal pizza with no tomato sauce. M. got that one and it was better than my classical one. πŸ˜› I urge you to try it! If you make one at home or eat at a pizza place, ask without the tomato sauce. πŸ™‚ We also liked that pizza place because they had the “chefs” (? what do you call them?) baking them right in front of your eyes, with all the ingredients laid out, and you could see how clean they were.

Day 2: The breakfast was great… We went to the amusement park. πŸ™‚ It was so scorching hot that day, that I desperately wished we were at a water park. It’s a pity that the few water rides were packed. Probably everyone else wished for some cool water as well. πŸ˜›

There I was brave enough to do the Tower of Doom! It takes you up, and then WHAM! you fall towards Earth with insane speed. Needless to say, I screamed bloody murder. πŸ˜›

It was so hot outside the first days that I even considered cutting my hair to my shoulders or even more!!! O__O And I never, ever have considered that in many years. I had to have my hair in a “tomato”, like ballerinas do. πŸ˜› It didn’t look as glamorous as if it would be straightened, but what can we do. I don’t understand what the other girls did with their hair down, they didn’t even look sweaty! O_O But maybe they didn’t walk around as much as we did.

Day 3: Finally we go to the city of Verona to check it out… I found a shop with Ice Cappuccino πŸ˜€ ! For 3 euros, not a bad price. So, sipping that, we went towards the Roman Arena where many famous Operas are held there.

English: verona arena italy 2009

Roman Arena full frontal view πŸ˜›

They were setting the stage for “Aida”. The previous night they’dΒ  had “Madame Butterfly”. Pity that we missed it! 😦 (But we also didn’t have the proper clothes. πŸ˜› )Β  After visiting the Roman Arena and taking many, many pictures, we were incredibly hungry. So, we went to the narrow streets to look for a fairly well-priced “restaurant”. The first thing I didn’t like was that after we sat down, the waiter had us move so there can be space if a bigger group comes. So why were two older women sitting at a large table?! We order. M. ordered a pizza, I ordered pasta carbonara. The food comes.

English: Verona roman arena - exterior

Wikipedia's profile shot of the Roman Arena ;P

My thoughts… What the hell is this ?! O_O Food for children? It was a small portion indeed. I hate to finish eating before the others at the table, because then I feel kind of jealous that they are still eating. πŸ˜› Silly much? Well, that is how I am with good food. I start to eat…. And I find a piece of packaging on the side of the ceramic bowl. M. immediately calls the waiter in an annoyed tone (I was happy for that πŸ™‚ ), and tells him what I found. The waiter looks at it… And asks me if I want another one. Both M. and I firmly say yes, and I add that I do not want to eat packaging. He takes it inside, comes back out and asks if I want to change my order with the same price. So, I get a pizza. πŸ˜‰

Another waiter comes out a few minutes later… He starts telling me in an annoyed and arrogant tone that sometimes when butter is cut, the packaging may stick to the knife and that it’s not harmful. And that I should have eaten it!! And he stalks right off! The nerve! We were so pissed off at this behavior. At least the pizza was pretty good. (It had broccoli on it!)

Leaving with bad experiences from this, we go towards the Piazza to see the whale rib hanging in an arch… Legend says that it falls on the first “just” person to walk under it. But it didn’t even fall on the Popes parading under it. So, ha. πŸ˜€ (Well, it looked pretty sucerely fastened to me. πŸ˜› )

Day 4: We took the train to Venice. Upon arriving, we were clinging to our things and looking behind and around us, paranoid about pickpockets. We heard that they are quite active around the touristy places, and of course Venice’s train station is one of them. But luckily nothing happened. We found the hostel with no problem, it was around 10 mins away on foot. The whole city is up-and-down, constantly, because of the many bridges over the canals. I couldn’t imagine doing a sport activity there, although we did see a few runners. That was about it. Our first impression of the hostel wasn’t good. The entrance door was open to anybody, and they were renovating. One small, insignificant detail they had failed to mention. *sarcastic* So, of course everything was chaotic and dusty. The bathrooms were gross. I even found a menstrual pad laying on the sink one day! O_O I think a little bit of care would have made a big difference there. Instead of having ripped tablecloth, why not buy a cheap one or just not have one? Why not let non-staff use the computer, when you state on the website that is free for use? There was even a room with no door whatsoever. O_O Only a raggedy looking white sheet hanging from the ceiling. I was so relieved when I learned that it wasn’t my room. Plus it smelled like feet. (no windows or fans there) I had to take M. with me each time I took a shower because I felt so disgusted. It felt more manageable when I had company standing beside the door. πŸ˜›

One big complaint I have. DO NOT USE HOSTELBOOKERS. They are deceiving, censoring liars. We hadn’t seen many negative reviews about this hostel, so we took it. Later on, after staying there, we found out that HostelBookers censors the negative reviews and puts only the positive ones!!! Well what the hell is this?! M. and I are seriously thinking of starting a Facebook group that is against them, to warn people. Basically they publish only the text box with the positive section. So if someone wrote everything there, it would get published. I don’t know why the hell they do this. There was no warning.

*Edit* It seems that Hostelbookers have fixed the censoring… They also have a “Disliked” section showing in the Reviews now, at least when I am looking at the Italian hostel we stayed at.

Day 5: Aaaand, this is where my post stopped at that time. I hardly remember much now 😦 πŸ˜› If you have reached so far, I salute you πŸ˜€ Sir D, this published post is for you, I remember you were asking for it ! ^_^


6 thoughts on “Italy

  1. The Blade of Light says:

    Hey I had asked for it as well ! πŸ˜› It is great to finally hear about the Italian Saga and it sounds like a very nice vacation πŸ˜€

    The part with the waiter was so funny ( sounded much like Greece πŸ˜› ) and that hostel at day 4 reminded me of an army bunker (but in a much better state, though admittedly even the army had clean tableclothes and actual doors πŸ˜› ).

    I also remember that we always wanted more pictureeeees ! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

    • Ah, I didn’t mean it like that!! I mentioned Panos because I remember he had asked something like “so when will you put up the Italy post?” and I was saying, “soon! I’ve written 800 words already” or something like that. I know you ask as well, you are one of my dedicated readers ^^ πŸ™‚

      > sounded much like Greece πŸ˜›

      Haha, indeed πŸ˜€

      Yep, pictures! πŸ™‚ I will post soon! ^^

  2. “What the hell is this ?! O_O Food for children?” – haha you crack me up! πŸ˜› You’re lucky that room only smelled like feet! I believe your trip falls under the Italian idiom that goes “Buona Notte al Secchio” ( translation: good night to the bucket … translation: we’re screwed!). – Great post! πŸ™‚

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