Kendo spam

Here’s a thought:
Why does my post “Kendo, the Way of the Sword” get so much spam? No other post gets as much as this one.

Here are some examples:

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Various Variosities

Haha 😛 A new word! Created by yours truly, Drusillah sama! 😛

Variosities (n) : Another way to define “variety”. Things that are different with each other.

Have you heard of Google Transliteration? If you haven’t, and if you write in a different alphabet sometimes, then you must know about it, and you will know… right, now!

Google Transliteration

You write normal text in English with roman alphabet… After you have chosen the language you want it to be converted in… You write a word, and press Space, and poof!! The whole alphabet has changed!!!! They have Hindi, Greek, Arabic, Russian, Serbian, Hebrew, to name a few! 

I, for one, will definitely use it! 😀

(Take note: It’s not a translator. You have to write the word in the said language in roman alphabets.

Ok, let’s try it. I’ll choose Greek….

“Geia sas, ti xambariazete re paidia?”

And poof!

“Γεια σας, τι χαμπαριάζετε ρε παιδιά?”

Hehe 🙂

It’s snowing/raining again today. 😦 Bad weather doesn’t help the mood, does it? Nor does when you feel lonely, so that’s an added bonus.

There was no meeting last Tuesday btw. 😛 I made a mistake with the days. I had set to get emails weekly, so I received the email too late and didn’t realize it till later.

The good thing is, the next day I went to another kind of meeting. 🙂 I already knew a few people there, and one girl has the quality/gift to make you feel comfortable, which is great 🙂

I stumbled on this image yesterday… I think I was looking at it for 5 mins. How can one describe the feelings in it? Sure, there are words available to do this, but I would think they aren’t enough, to describe this woman’s feelings…. And what feelings this image creates in the viewer.

Damn, this is so hard to concentrate at work and study what I must. Do I have ADD or something? I never was able to concentrate on studying for long. If something took normal students 30 mins, for me it was 3 hours, because of all the f^%$$## breaks I would take, and mind you, they weren’t short ones. Or is something wrong with my internal batteries? I take a break at work, but still, I don’t feel rested.

I want to have a nice, funny, light, memorable blog. That takes effort.

Two days ago, after a LOT of nagging from my father, I went out to run/walk. I did it because I didn’t want to end up as he was so sure that I would. (Something I hate, when people talk as if they know the future). It was a nice feeling to be out 🙂 I only went for 25 mins or so, and most of the time I was walking briskly because with a bit of running my heartbeat rate would skyrocket. Trying to keep the rate under 140 is great, M. told me. Or else you burn sugar, and not fat. And Universe knows, I have LOTS of fat in my body. I won’t tell you the percentage. 😛 But it doesn’t show on the outside that much, thank goodness. I am wondering what is the percentage of the obese.

Woo…. Word count: 529! 🙂

Do you by any chance like Mexican?

If so, this article is good 🙂

23 Mexican-Restaurant Words You Need to Know 

One of these days I am going to put up pictures from my Benelux trip 😀 But I have been so lazy lately 😛 Nobody must ever see the kitchen and its current state. 😛

Have a pleasant 1st of May! 😀



I didn’t know there are so many different wikis out there…

What is a wiki you ask?

A wiki is a website that allows the easy creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a web browser using a simplified markup language or a WYSIWYG text editor.

Or more simplified:

A wiki is software that allows users to freely create and edit Web page content using any Web browser.

Ok, we all know the famous Wikipedia, the online and free encyclopedia 😉

But what else is out there?

Wikitravel – travel guides

Wikiversity – learning resources, projects, and research

wikiHow – tutorials galore 🙂

Uncyclopedia – a comedic version of Wikipedia 😛

DeviantART – Art and Photography Feature #1

Hello Hello! 🙂

Have you yet to discover the beauty of DeviantART?

Once upon a time, (specifically around 3 years ago) I was enthralled at the wondrous art that my eyes would feast on…. I would sit hours upon hours, hunched over my desktop screen, clicking through the beautiful works of art and photography, jealous of those that honed their skills to such a level.

Behold, I had my account as well.

Today I stumbled upon these works, and I was pleased with them so I would like to share them with you … Maybe you will be inspired, enthralled, or entranced by some artists.

Or maybe, you will take the leap of faith and start posting your own works 🙂 Whether it’s photography, or art, literature, or poetry … Or even flash games and tutorials. 😀

For this post, I will show you simply what pleased me today, but another day I want to post the ones I had favorited in the past.

Enjoy ! 🙂

If you have an account, let me know as well so I can go check you out.

The hype about Skype

Hi hi 🙂

Do you have a Skype account? I am sure you do. 😉 It has become essential in everyday living 😛

Especially for those that live far from each other, whether it’s friends, or colleagues, or lovers, or family. This way you can communicate, have a call with video, simply chat, or talk as if on the phone. 🙂 Even audio conferences, that is so cool! 😀

I’ve even heard of interviews being done through Skype, because the two were situated in different countries! 🙂

Right now, 20 people are online from my list. Out of those… 14 have the status “available”. The rest have “away”. The older version of Skype had an additional status, that of “not available”. It’s a pity they did away with it.

Plus it’s light, it has cute emoticons (you cannot add your own though), text you paste from someone else is automatically quoted, and other nice features. 🙂

I really like it, personally. 🙂 I use it even for simply chatting. Even though MSN is nice because you can add your own emoticons, in my opinion Skype is lighter, and has a cleaner look to it.

But for compatibility purposes, I have both. 😛 (Compatibility with who uses what. :P)

Come to think, that’s a very important issue in computers. How many people have a certain program and who. For example I wanted to try ICQ a while back, but only one person I knew had an account there, and another friend I asked to join me there didn’t like the look and feel of it. So, what can I do? 😛 I cannot use it on my own. So it’s the power of numbers here, me thinks.

If everyone was using Linux instead of Windows, then there would be more support for drivers, games would be developed for Linux, etc. Why is EA Games for example not releasing her games for Linux? Well a small percentage uses Linux, still. The fan base is growing, but still there are many many people out there who want something simple, who have heard and have been taught about Windows, and know little about working with computers. So, who will EA Games release the games for? The majority of course. 😛

Hmm … I don’t know why suddenly I got the urge to talk about such matters, but I wanted to post my personal statistics of Skype (how many are online, etc.) and therefore a new post was born. xD 😛

What is your opinion on Skype, MSN, and all that jazz? 😛