Statue Fun

I love certain works of art, in marble or painting form. Statues of marble look so lifelike, if made well. It always amazes me. I can just imagine them being alive, and the forms we see are but a snapshot of their lives, frozen in time and memory.

During the summer of 2013, I was in Paris for a few days and visited the Louvre, as any person (tourist or non-tourist) should do. I took a bunch of photos, as any tourist would do. Today I stumbled on a few of my photos again and was delighted to realize I had taken some photos of statues with captions already in my head.

Without further ado, I present to you some of the residents in the great Louvre:

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Trying to learn a language?

… and you’re having difficulties? Some things may help 🙂 A change of attitude, and a few adjustments to the way you learn could help. I found this blog yesterday, it looks nice so far. Fluent in 3 months

This program is for using flash cards and help you learn a language faster… I think it’s great 😀 I already learned a few Finnish words yesterday. Anki

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