A lesson to be learned from Batman

Batman as a character and a symbol has different meanings to different people.

For me, he is an inspiration that we can overcome our fears. And that is one of the most important lessons that one can have in their lifetime.

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I should be thinking up a witty introduction to the post, but what the hell. I’ll just come out and say it.

I watched the movie ThorΒ and loved it!!! Twice, no less. There might be a third. πŸ˜›

The music, the visuals, the character development. I liked it all.

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Addicted to LOST

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of LOST…. πŸ™‚

I love it! ❀ It’s … it’s … I cannot find a proper word to describe.Β  A magnificent series, with plot twists, drama, romance, humor, the whole package. πŸ˜› So much imagination! πŸ˜€ I will be so sad when it ends 😦

As far as characters go… I have started to like Sawyer much more… Not from the biceps and the cute dimples, mind you, but because of his change of character. Plus Jack lately has been getting on my nerves… πŸ˜› Being overly stubborn and not listening.

In the beginning of the series I wasn’t sure whether I should like John or not. Now I am convinced, I can’t get enough of him, for some reason.

And Sayid… The way he stands, his posture, how he holds himself and talks… I would surely want him as a friend.

I like Richard as well. He gives off a feeling of trust.

Kate? Well she is just beautiful. πŸ˜€

Jin… Ah, Jin and Sun. Damn it, I can’t say too much without giving out spoilers. πŸ˜› (Is there a spoiler code around here?)

What do I like about LOST? Hmmm ….

The acting… It’s so REAL …. You can almost feel their feelings… You can see the feelings on their faces… You can sympathize with them and get angry at them.

The music … It’s touching, beautiful. It enhances the whole experience.

The whole feeling of the series… I don’t get a dark feeling from it, even though it’s labelled as “drama”. There are many heart-warming and happy moments as well.

The plot and the mystery of course … What is there not to get hooked on?!

Yesterday was LOST day. I watched ten, yes ten whole episodes, each of 42 minutes at least … Which means 420 minutes of the day, 7 full hours were on watching LOST.

And I wanted more…

But alas, I reached the up-to-date episode now. I am waiting for the 6th episode of the 6th season to air on March 2nd. This is the final season… Damn it. 😦

I’m so attached to it at the moment that I spent three hours looking up bloopers, audition tapes, best moments, etc., just so I can get more of that taste that I long for.

It’s come to a point where I have passed a line … The line of separating myself from the show. I wouldn’t compare it completely to my Harry Potter feelings, but it has a few characteristics of it. I saw Evangeline Lilly (Kate) on aΒ commercialΒ the other day, and I was happy, the kind of happy you get when you see a familiar face amongst strangers.

Don’t worry though, I am not obsessed. (I think) πŸ˜›

I should think about my own life now, concentrate on choosing a good topic for my thesis, preparing for my trip, and all these bare necessities.

I would like to make some videos myself of the series… Like my favorite moments, some music videos, etc. But it’s overwhelming to think of searching through 108 episodes that have aired so far … Although last night I had the crazy idea to start watching it again from the beginning …

And let me make something clear to those who haven’t watched it, and who are hesitating.

It’s nothing like “Survivor”, or “Gilligan’s Island”, or any other stranded-island things like this.

What I first loved about the series was that each episode was dedicated more or less to a specific characters, with flashbacks to their past. That made it all the more desirable to feel with the characters, and become close with them, get to know them.

The complexity issue that so many people talk about, ones that don’t watch it… Well if you are watching it on TV, what do you expect?

Watch the episodes in a row from the beginning, on your computer, and then tell me if it’s chaotic and confusing, or not.

Plus what’s fun about a series like “Desperate Housewives”, where nothing exciting, mysterious, or gripping is going on? You can just start at any point and sooner or later you’ll get the picture. That tells me something about the depth of the series, about the thought put into it. Kind of like a soap opera, ain’t it?

Woo, getting sidetracked there.

Back to LOST….

So here are myΒ favouriteΒ characters, ones that I crave to watch and watch, in random order:

In 5 seconds

No, I am not talking about my post. (You wish!) πŸ˜›

These little videos are made as summaries for movies…. movies in 5 seconds! πŸ˜€ Some are funny, others are pleasant to watch. πŸ™‚

Ploop! πŸ˜€

A slightly different one…

Hahaha πŸ˜€

Hilarious! πŸ˜€


lol πŸ˜›

Here you can find all the “5 second movies” created by “That Guy with the Glasses“. πŸ˜€

I’ve noticed that lately all my posts are super small… I have at least 3 drafts that I wrote at different days (the ones that I didn’t post anything), and they were only a few sentences. :/ Hmmm not much to say it seems?

Well… one thing I can say, the trip is final! πŸ˜€ Yay!!!

The coldest inhabited places on Earth … !

H – Hello … *chattering teeth*

You think that you are cold? Try saying that to people living in Siberia or Alaska, for example… πŸ˜›

The coldest inhabited places on EarthΒ 

To give you an idea… Vostok, Antarctica: -89.2Β°C !!!! O_O And I thought *I* was cold with -17Β°C … ! πŸ˜› How can people live this way? :/ When it is normal to have -45Β°C … How many layers of clothes must they wear? O_O

Oymyakon – Siberia

Ok, I must admit something. I broke down and watched the Avatar trailer, because I was curious why the whole gush about it. πŸ˜› It does look nice… But of course the great music helps a lot. πŸ˜› One part reminds me greatly of the ‘Requiem for a Dream’ song, but maybe it was exactly that. It seems that the graphics will be really good. πŸ™‚ Anna-Lousia from Lost is in the movie, yay! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› (I don’t know her real name πŸ˜› ) But I am not sure if I really want to give 12 euros for it. πŸ˜› It would be nice to see it 3D, but I should be saving money. I can give that money for another movie that I REALLY want to see… Like Harry Potter!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Damn it, time must not like me it seems. Whenever I don’t have my eye on him, he runs away. And then when I search for him again, I realize he has been gone for long.

I should be studying for exams damn it. But again it seems I wanted to take a break and a long, long time went by without me realizing it. (Or wanting to realize it πŸ˜› )

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

Hello hello! πŸ™‚

It’s Sunday, and two guys are drillings in the apartment across the hall from me! 😦 I hope it won’t continue till the next weekend as well. I can survive it now with music or earplugs.

A Prince of Persia: Sands of Time movie will be released in 2010!!! Woo! I am excited because when I had played a bit of Warrior Within, I was thinking what a great movie it would make. I am not satisfied with the choice of actor, Jake Gylenhaal. In my mind the main hero (can’t remember his name) should be more venerable and dangerous-looking, but hopefully it’ll be done at the Warrior Within movie. For a Sands of Time movie I guess it’s ok. Have you played any of the Prince of Persia games? (How many were developed total anyway?) I played a bit of Warrior Within at an internet cafe, and then when I tried to play it on my own computer I had serious problems (graphics, movement, etc.) So it’s gone to waste. 😦

You can watch the trailer here!


(How the heck do we create links here???)


I have the dilemma whether or not to invite my friends over to this newfound blog I’ve started, or to try and gain readers from scratch. πŸ˜›

Stop the drilling!!

Take care and be well πŸ™‚