Fast Food Folk Song

Rhett and Link

Rhett and Link

Apparently ordering in a drive-thru in USA in the form of a song used to be popular.

Do you know Rhett and Link? If not, you should.

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A Tribute to Music Geniuses

I cannot get over how talented some people are…

And I have endless respect for their work.

I am talking about music composers, of course.

What pool of endless creativity do they possess?

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Oh yeah!!!
No more exams!!! Woo hoo!!

And to celebrate my freedom, I’ve been listening to this all day today, at any chance I get…. xD

Btw, the first few seconds are quite gross for me 😛

I believe I did well on the exam today, which is great! I had been reading it for quite some time, solving exercises and what not, so I am happy. Well I hope I am not too off in case he is a strict grader! 😛

Plus, today was my lucky day! I found 10 euros just lying on the floor outside the classroom!! O_O Woot! I am wondering if I should keep it as my lucky bill, or spend it, or save it. 😛 I think I will save it, but it doesn’t feel right to put it with the other money… 😛

I was thinking on the bus back… I may miss a few teachers … 😛 A select few of them were quite nice, tried to teach us and help us understand. I will definitely not miss exams, studying, etc. I will also miss the “freedom” that comes with being a student.sniff sniff

Well…. ! Who said music cannot be educating? I learned what “lackluster” means from “Lift”.

lack·lus·ter  (lklstr) adj. Lacking brightness, luster, or vitality; dull.

How do spend my free time? Hmmmm …. It’s funny how I find things to do when I should be studying, but now I don’t know what would be more satisfying to start first… 😛 So many options.

I feel it that my post isn’t so good today. It’s like a bunch of different thoughts stuck together 😛 Or maybe I’m just tired 🙂