Torn and meta-thinking 

I might have touched on this subject in the past, but I constantly feel torn between my brainwashing that every waking minute should be productive, and my wanting to enjoy what I am doing at that moment.

You might say, but what you enjoy doing can be productive too! Well, mindless browsing the Internet is not productive, I’d say.

I noticed that I do not enjoy my weekends because of the constant questions to myself:

  • Am I doing something useful?
  • Is there something else I could be doing with my time that is better?
  • What other activity would be a better use of my time?
  • Am I enjoying myself at this moment?
  • Am I being mindful about what I am doing?

You see that this meta-thinking does not a relaxing weekend make.

One answer is being in the moment and being mindful. Prioritization should accompany this, in my opinion. Otherwise, I can just procrastinate mindfully. (I wonder, is this possible even? Can one be mindful while procrastinating, or does one cancel out the other, so to speak?)

However, if I am meta-thinking and wondering if I am being mindful, that is not really being mindful in the first place. I guess one way to try and solve this is meditation, if articles on the Internet should prove of any use.

My lizard brain does not want to meditate though! It does not give any instant satisfaction.

On the other hand, every person is different, so there isn’t a one-solution-fits-all. For some, walking in the forest can be a type of meditation and mindfulness practice. For others, painting.

Me? I have not found mine yet, sadly. Mindless browsing on the Internet does not count! The search for my cure continues.


A look at 2016

It’s been repeated over and over that 2016 has been a shitty year, mostly because of all the celebrities that have died and the major political events.

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Helloooo, good people! 

I had stopped writing here for a long time, but lately I was considering getting back into it. 

And well, why not, I say 🙂 Time to commemorate it with a haiku! xD 

A welcome back post 

I will try to keep it up

What should I write here


Posting with no good strategy is not a very good idea. But if I wait for a good strategy and agenda, I’ll never start. Should I start then? That is the question. Do I need a reason to start? Shouldn’t this blog have a purpose?

Starting like this is like starting a race while stalling, looking back, and stopping every fourth step. 

L’est magnifique! 

A lesson to be learned from Batman

Batman as a character and a symbol has different meanings to different people.

For me, he is an inspiration that we can overcome our fears. And that is one of the most important lessons that one can have in their lifetime.

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