Google Homepage and Spotify!

Hello!! 🙂

I read on Google Blog a few days ago that you can change the look of your Google Homepage! 😀 Woooot!

You can choose from many different images, and no more white background when searching with Google!

Lookie at mine! Isn’t it beauuuutiful? ❤ ❤

To change yours as well, go to and at the lower left-hand corner, there should be a link to change the background image. 🙂 Then simply choose!

I didn’t really look at the options, as soon as I saw this, I “grabbed” it. 😀 So maybe later I’ll find out that there’s another one I like more. xD But I am satisfied with this one now. 🙂

Have I mentioned that I have Spotify? 😀

Oh yes! And I like it a lot! 🙂  🙂

(What is it you say? You don’t know?? 😛 It’s a service/program that you download on your computer, and you can listen to songs that you like for free, as many times as you want, at any place/time that you want them! So, you are at work, and want to listen to music? No problem! 😀 (It doesn’t install, so it even works on office computers). You are at a friend’s house/party and want to play songs you like and show to your friends? No problem! :D)

It’s great that you can find many different songs even when you are not home and don’t have your PC or HDD with you (e.g. at work or at a friend’s house), and you can also share your playlists with friends! 🙂

If you live in Sweden, Spain, Norway, Finland (including the Åland Islands), France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, then you can have it totally for free! 😀

Or else you can get Spotify Open, that anybody from other countries can have it and listen to, but it’s limited to 20 hours of listening per month. As far as I know, you can listen to your local files unlimited times even with Spotify Open.

When you pay and get Spotify Premium, then you can have it on your mobile phone and in offline mode, which means that you can listen to songs even when it’s not connected to the internet and you can have it at a picnic (unless you bring your laptop to the picnic! 😛 ) !

Do you have an account with Spotify?

If you do, let’s share playlists!!

My username there is, of course, drusillah.

So, to find me:

In the Search Box (upper left-hand corner in Spotify), type:


and we can add each other to the friend list and share songs! 😀 Woot woot!

Various Variosities

Haha 😛 A new word! Created by yours truly, Drusillah sama! 😛

Variosities (n) : Another way to define “variety”. Things that are different with each other.

Have you heard of Google Transliteration? If you haven’t, and if you write in a different alphabet sometimes, then you must know about it, and you will know… right, now!

Google Transliteration

You write normal text in English with roman alphabet… After you have chosen the language you want it to be converted in… You write a word, and press Space, and poof!! The whole alphabet has changed!!!! They have Hindi, Greek, Arabic, Russian, Serbian, Hebrew, to name a few! 

I, for one, will definitely use it! 😀

(Take note: It’s not a translator. You have to write the word in the said language in roman alphabets.

Ok, let’s try it. I’ll choose Greek….

“Geia sas, ti xambariazete re paidia?”

And poof!

“Γεια σας, τι χαμπαριάζετε ρε παιδιά?”

Hehe 🙂

It’s snowing/raining again today. 😦 Bad weather doesn’t help the mood, does it? Nor does when you feel lonely, so that’s an added bonus.

There was no meeting last Tuesday btw. 😛 I made a mistake with the days. I had set to get emails weekly, so I received the email too late and didn’t realize it till later.

The good thing is, the next day I went to another kind of meeting. 🙂 I already knew a few people there, and one girl has the quality/gift to make you feel comfortable, which is great 🙂

I stumbled on this image yesterday… I think I was looking at it for 5 mins. How can one describe the feelings in it? Sure, there are words available to do this, but I would think they aren’t enough, to describe this woman’s feelings…. And what feelings this image creates in the viewer.

Damn, this is so hard to concentrate at work and study what I must. Do I have ADD or something? I never was able to concentrate on studying for long. If something took normal students 30 mins, for me it was 3 hours, because of all the f^%$$## breaks I would take, and mind you, they weren’t short ones. Or is something wrong with my internal batteries? I take a break at work, but still, I don’t feel rested.

I want to have a nice, funny, light, memorable blog. That takes effort.

Two days ago, after a LOT of nagging from my father, I went out to run/walk. I did it because I didn’t want to end up as he was so sure that I would. (Something I hate, when people talk as if they know the future). It was a nice feeling to be out 🙂 I only went for 25 mins or so, and most of the time I was walking briskly because with a bit of running my heartbeat rate would skyrocket. Trying to keep the rate under 140 is great, M. told me. Or else you burn sugar, and not fat. And Universe knows, I have LOTS of fat in my body. I won’t tell you the percentage. 😛 But it doesn’t show on the outside that much, thank goodness. I am wondering what is the percentage of the obese.

Woo…. Word count: 529! 🙂

Do you by any chance like Mexican?

If so, this article is good 🙂

23 Mexican-Restaurant Words You Need to Know 

One of these days I am going to put up pictures from my Benelux trip 😀 But I have been so lazy lately 😛 Nobody must ever see the kitchen and its current state. 😛

Have a pleasant 1st of May! 😀


Riding the (Google) Wave


😛 Sorry, that was cheesy, I know. 😛

A new tool from Google, called Google Wave, has emerged. What is it? The video below sums it up quite well in only 7 mins. 😀

I have an account … I can only send 7 invites, so maybe we can team up if the invites aren’t enough so we can all benefit. I think it’s a great idea!

For example we can quickly plan meetings there 🙂 Or have a nice chat 😛 Or share our mutual documents. 😉 I wonder if it works with Excel documents as well? 😀 Or share quickly anything interesting we might want others to see. 🙂 Apart from sharing files, it applies also to photos!

The following text is taken from a wave (sent to my wave inbox) that is accompanied also with videos, so the new user can understand how to work with it. I just copied the text so you can get an idea, so don’t sue me Google! 😛

The Basics

Starting a new wave

A wave can be both a document and a conversation.

Replying to a wave

You can reply anywhere in a wave.

Editing waves

All participants on a wave can edit any part of the wave, at the same time.

Reading through waves

To quickly read through unread blips in a wave, hit the spacebar.

Working with waves

Using Playback

The playback feature lets you move through the history of a wave.

Installing extensions

Extensions let you add rich content and interactions to waves, or integrate with other systems.

Visit the Google Wave featured extensions

Attaching photos and files

To attach a file to a wave, start in edit mode. Then either:

  • Click the paperclip and select the file from your desktop or
  • To drag and drop right from the desktop into a wave, install Gears in your browser.

Learn more

When to use Google \/\/ave

Go back to Welcome wave

There are tons of ways to use Google Wave–here are just a few examples to get you thinking and an overview video that shows Google Wave in action.

Organizing events

Keep a single copy of ideas, suggested itinerary, menu and RSVPs, rather than using many different tools. Use gadgets to add weather, maps and more to the event.

Sample event planning wave

Meeting notes

Prepare a meeting agenda together, share the burden of taking notes and record decisions so you all leave on the same page (we call it being on the same wave). Team members can follow the minutes in real time, or review the history using Playback. The conversation can continue in the wave long after the meeting is over.

Sample meeting notes

Group reports and writing projects

Collaboratively work in real time to draft content, discuss and solicit feedback all in one place rather than sending email attachments and creating multiple copies that get out of sync.

Sample project


Bring lots of people into a wave to brainstorm – live concurrent editing makes the quantity of ideas grow quickly! It is easy to add rich content like videos, images, URLs or even links to other waves. Discussion ensues. Etiquettes form. Then work together to distill down to the good ideas.

Sample brainstorm

Photo sharing

Drag and drop photos from your desktop into a wave. Share with others. Use the slideshow viewer. Everyone on the wave can add their photos, too. It is easy to make a group photo album in Google Wave.

Enjoy! 😀 Let’s ride the waves together!

(A cheesy opening, and a cheesy ending … Sheesh ….)