Words, words …

How do you survive in a world that has different views than you?

When people use words like nothing, not caring what they really mean, and just sprout them out?

But you take the words and their meanings seriously?

Because excuse me people, but words have a meaning for a REASON.

You can’t just say, “I figured this out” and mean “I found this on a forum”.

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Questions of Life …

Hello hello 🙂

There are a few questions that I wonder about at times, but I don’t get an answer back … 😛 Or maybe there is no answer, I don’t know. I don’t always remember them later on, but I made a point to write these down so I can redirect them to you. 🙂

I know that there is a craze about bacteria, catching the flu from others, using antibacterial soap, and all the like. So, if that is the case, why don’t we also wash our supermarket products just to be sure? E.g. to use antibacterial soap on a milk carton. You never know who handled it, so what why not? And it’s not that direct contact is needed only. I read in an article once that if a sick person touches a doorknob, that bacteria will remain there for about an hour. O_O (!!!) So the next person who touches it and puts their hands in their mouth, risk a chance of getting sick as well.

Why is it “bad” to glance at a wristwatch/clock during a conversation with somebody? Many times I’ve wanted to check what time it is, not because I was bored, but for many other reasons:

a) If I was having a blast, I would want to check to see if time is running out and we will have to go soon or if I have more time to enjoy.

b) If I had something important going on that would be approaching, e.g. an appointment, I would want to check the watch to check that I will not be late to the other appointment.

And many more… So, why do people think that someone is bored when they checked their watch? It’s aggravating! Other signs should tell if someone is bored or not. The expression on their face, their body language, the way they are acting, etc.

A question that I think I already know the answer to … :

Why are some people so quick at saying “I love you”, when they are not sure? E.g. in the first month of a relationship. Mercy!!! Slow down cowboy! Does “I love you” mean “I lust you”? Probably so!

If you also have questions of life that you wonder at times, I would be happy to hear them! 🙂