Helloooo, good people! 

I had stopped writing here for a long time, but lately I was considering getting back into it. 

And well, why not, I say πŸ™‚ Time to commemorate it with a haiku! xD 

A welcome back post 

I will try to keep it up

What should I write here


Posting with no good strategy is not a very good idea. But if I wait for a good strategy and agenda, I’ll never start. Should I start then? That is the question. Do I need a reason to start? Shouldn’t this blog have a purpose?

Starting like this is like starting a race while stalling, looking back, and stopping every fourth step. 

L’est magnifique! 


7 thoughts on “Back?

  1. Estelle says:

    That is up to you to decide. Usually blogs have a reason to exist e.g cooking blogs. But I am sure there are a few things you can post here that are interesting πŸ™‚ Like life lessons πŸ˜€

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