This blog, as the title (Drusillah’s Musings) suggests, is simply about a 27 32 year-old girl’s thoughts about life in general, sometimes irrational thoughts, sometimes weird thoughts, sometimes hopeful thoughts, sometimes happy ones. 🙂

Once in a while I (the-said-girl) will post interesting links I’ve found scrambled over the Web, things I may want to share, or may thing that you will enjoy to see and discover. Comments are more than welcome; I live off them. 😛 (Metaphorically, that is.)

This is an attempt to teach myself self-discipline by writing every day even if I have nothing to say/share (I am not really selling my blog, am I?), and a search of myself to broaden my world.

I am Drusillah (or Dru 😉 ), welcome here and it’s nice to meet you. ^_^


6 thoughts on “About

  1. MB says:

    Dear Blogger,

    we would like to know whether you took the photo of the girl sitting under the tree with the laptop yourself or whether you got it from somewhere else.
    I ask you since we thought about using it on another website.

    I would ver much appreciate if you could answer this question.

    With best regards


  2. tuffi kaffa says:

    Keep writing, keep growing… before you know it, you’ll become bigger than yourself and will forever live in beauty 😉

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